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SCREENING DATE: Saturday, September 30, 2017
***Sorry, there are NO public ticket sales. Audience is limited to filmmaker guests only.
12:45   Weapons of Mass Creation; WINNER: HONORABLE MENTION - MUSIC VIDEO    TRT:: 3:16
            John The FatherWINNER: BEST COMEDY SHORT    TRT: 20:34
1:30     Blindsided by Love; WINNER; BEST MOVIE TRAILER    TRT  3:24
            Beyond the Cabin; WINNER; GOLD AWARD - MOVIE TRAILER    TRT: 2:40
            Deadpool the Musical; WINNER; GOLD AWARD - MUSIC VIDEO    TRT: 5:52
            God Came Round; WINNER; BEST MUSIC VIDEO    TRT: 5:00
2:15      Miracle in Malibu; WINNER; GOLD AWARD - SHORT DOCUMENTARY    TRT: 4:56
             The Boy By The Sea; WINNER; BEST SHORT DRAMA & BEST OF FESTIVAL    TRT: 6:56
             Her; WINNER: BEST LGBTQ SHORT    TRT: 3:09
3:00     Manbeast; WINNER: GOLD AWARD - WEB SERIES    TRT: 5:00
             Stranger than Fred; WINNER: BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY     TRT: 27:00
4:00    Trenches of Rock; WINNER: BEST FEATURE DOCUMENTARY   TRT: 1:26: 19
7:00     Opus of an Angel; WINNER: BEST FEATURE DRAMA  TRT: 1:30:00
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