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WINNER: Gold Award, Web Series

Screening 11/02/2019 @  5:30 pm

DIRECTED BY: Sebastien Tobler

Writer: Jackie Fernandez

Producers: Sebastien Tobler & Jackie Fernandez

Created by: Jackie Fernandez

#Ghostwriters is the first ever scripted series specifically for InstaStory making it truly interactive. It centers on women of color and what work is really like for them as they navigate the "isms" of a modern office. Starring a racially diverse and intersex cast the story focuses on Jay, a writer whose Pulitzer Prize was famously revoked and must now work at WOD INC., a place where writes go to die. In order to cope with her fall from grace and creepy boss, her colleagues create a secret app detailing the atrocities until one day their stories get leaked on a viral Instagram page.

#Ghostwriters Movie Poster.png
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