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WINNER: Gold Award, Comedy Feature Film

Screening 11/02/2019 @  6:30 pm

DIRECTED BY: Daniel Ramos

Writers: Aaron Lee Lopez, Daniel "Danny" Ramos, David Reyes

Producers: Daniel "Danny" Ramos, Aaron Lee Lopez, David Reyes, Andrew Saldana, Raul Ramos Jr.,

Raul C. Ramos, Brandon Keropian, Stephen Allen Gutierrez

STARRING: Anthony Guajardo, Renessa Sanders, Sean Koetting, Sebastien De La Cruz, Valeria Jauregui, Jesse Borrego,

Paul Matthew Lopez, Barry Corbin, Danny Trejo, Pepe Serna

“The Margarita Man” movie is a college romantic-comedy about a young man’s coming of age and overcoming obstacles as he follows his heart. Miguel (Anthony Guajardo), who fears he will grow up to be like his working class father, goes to college where his love for the party gets him cut off financially and forces him to sell frozen margaritas in order to stay in school.

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