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SCREENING DATE: Saturday, November 2, 2019
***Sorry, there are NO public ticket sales. Audience is limited to filmmakers and their guests only.
1:00   Hot Dog; HORROR SHORT   TRT: 00:07:10
          Killer Bae; WEB SERIES TRT: 00:12:54
1:30   Tether; MUSIC VIDEO  TRT: 00:06:30
          Ground Zero; DOCUMENTARY SHORT  TRT: 00:09:42
          Mother of Chernobyl; STUDENT FILM  TRT: 00:30:00
2:30  Toxic; MUSIC VIDEO  TRT: 00:05:32
          iNTERFACE; SCI FI SHORT TRT: 00:30:00
3:30   Beast Mode; COMEDY FEATURE  TRT: 01:26:34
5:30   #Ghostwriters; WEB SERIES  TRT: 00:20:00
6:30   Margarita Man; COMEDY FEATURE TRT: 01:35:17
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