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Beast Mode

WINNER: Silver Award, Comedy Feature Film

Screening 11/02/2019 @  3:30 pm

DIRECTED BY: Chris W. Freeman & Spain Willingham

Writers: Chris W. Freeman, Spain Willingham, Drew Fortune

Producers: Chris W. Freeman, Aaron Scotti, Spain Willingham

STARRING: C. Thomas Howell, James Duval, James Hong, Ray Wise, Leslie Easterbrooke

Huckle Saxton is the biggest movie star in the world. He’s also…the worst person in the world. So when has-been producer Breen Nash accidentally kills him, Breen turns to an ancient flower hoping its mysterious healing properties will resurrect Huckle as well as his own career. What he doesn’t know is that at the stroke of midnight this elixir brings out the worst in those who imbibe, turning them into bloodthirsty, shape-shifting beasts, hell-bent on devouring anyone in sight.  As the bodies pile up and Breen is accidentally exposed to the elixir himself, he must solve the mystery of the flower and find a way to stop the creature before his own inner beast is unleashed.

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